Car Door Lock Stuck in Lock Position: How To Open Your Car And Fix Your Lock

We all understand that if our car door lock gets stuck in a locked position, it can be a huge hindrance to daily operations. The stuck lock won’t budge even after a million tries. But there’s nothing to panic about because you can follow some simple steps to clear the stuck lock in just a few minutes. You may also consider connecting with a professional locksmith to assist you in getting back in your car.


Car Door Locked

Some causes for a stuck car door lock are listed below:

Structural damage

This damage can be caused after an accident including a crash or an aggressive slamming of the door. The bending or disconnection of the latch can lead to difficulties in the locking door assembly. 

Factors like rust or dirt 

When rust or dirt gets accumulated, it causes a hindrance in the lock moving. Thus, it is essential to carry our periodic cleaning of the handles for better results.

Wrecked connections

Locking can occur if there are discrepancies in the door lock cylinder, door handle or interior locking switches. For this, it is best to connect with a professional locksmith because these are technical difficulties.

Some of the primary steps which you can follow to solve the issue are listed below:

  • Look for all the available means of opening the car door including interior door locks, remote or handles. 
  • Place and try to remove the set screws from the door panel.
  • If the door panel cannot the dismantled, look for possible partial disassembly. 
  • With access to the door assembly, try to manipulate the assembly and the interior door lock.
  • Lastly, search for a momentary means to open the door and move the handle. 

Below mentioned are some of the solutions which you can use to fix your stuck car door lock:


If the parts don’t budge and are becoming old, it is prudent to get them replaced for better results. You can easily purchase these parts from a locksmith like us at Lucky Locksmith. We have all essential car replacement parts and also offer installation of any to our potential clients. 

Proper cleaning and lubrication 

Dry lubricants are the best solution to clearing the rust or dirt away and to easily operate the stuck car door lock. After proper cleaning of the parts, it is recommended to lubricate the parts so that they operate smoothly. 


Repairing of the stuck car door lock involves the fixing of the damaged car locking connections. It is essential to make use of the correct kind of binding agent so that the materials are stuck together for a longer-term. Also, numerous means of fabrication including screws and cloth tourniquets can be used to fix the problem. 

If none of these works, then its best to get in touch with a professional locksmith who has the knowledge of all the aspects of fixing a stuck car door lock. Connect with Lucky Locksmith to achieve more information. 

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