How to Improve Your Home Security

In America, over 2.5 million burglaries happen each year with 66% being home invasions. Unfortunately, the police only solve about 13% of these break-ins.

Are you concerned that you don’t have adequate home security to protect your household? The following guide will explain how to boost your home safety so that you can have peace of mind.

Read on to learn why a few adjustments, a little planning, and a call to a 24 hour locksmith service can make all the difference.

Securing Doors

First, take a look at all of your home’s exterior doors to ensure they all have strong frames. Make sure their hinges remain shielded and cover the mail slot if the door has one so that no one can reach in.

Next, make a call to a certified registered locksmith if you haven’t changed the locks since moving in. You don’t want a stranger connected to the previous owner to still have a key to your home.

Make sure to invest in the best quality locks available. You can install a deadbolt, add a strike plate, switch to smart locks, and add a video doorbell to further enhance security.

If you have any sliding glass doors, add a broken glass senor, or door break sensor. That way an alarm sounds if an intruder tries to breach the door. You can also use a window bar on the door’s track to prevent forced entry. 

Securing Windows

A lot of break-ins happen because homeowners simply forget to lock their windows. However, window latches tend to be weak and don’t always work anyway.

If you don’t trust the security of your standard window latches, install key-operated levers or add extra window locks or key-operated levers.

You should also fortify the glass of your windows with security film. You can also install glass break sensors or window sensors that work like the sensors for sliding doors.

Window bars don’t always look attractive, but they’re extremely secure. You can also plant thorny bushes under windows to deter intruders.

Add a Home Security System

Today, you can find home security systems that fit just about any budget. While some work better than others, any security system is better than having no system at all.

Evaluate your home and neighborhood and consider which security features you need the most. Do you want to monitor the system yourself, or have professionals monitor your home?

Think about the layout of cameras and where to position them so that you get the best coverage. Many modern systems have smart home capabilities so that you can check your cameras while on the go.

Read online reviews, compare monthly costs, and choose the best home security system for your needs and lifestyle. Also, don’t forget about add-on features such as carbon monoxide and smoke detection.

Add Exterior Lighting

Intruders tend to stay away from well-lit areas so it’s important to light up your property. Arrange lights in your yard and along paths, and close to your garage and other structures like sheds.

You can install motion-sensor lights that only turn on if someone walks by a specific area. Not only can they startle criminals, but they save energy as well.

You can also save energy by using solar-powered outdoor lights around your property. Even if the power goes out, your property remains lit up and safe.

If you don’t want to use solar lighting, consider smart outlets and smart bulbs instead. they allow homeowners to set their lights on a timer or schedule.

If you’re away, schedule your lights to turn on and off at different times. That way it gives the impression that someone is home to decrease the chances of a break-in.

Other than added security, additional lighting helps prevent trips and falls on your property. Landscape lighting also adds curb appeal, so this security feature is more than worth the investment.

Securing the Garage

Don’t forget that burglars can break in through your garage door as well. Even if they’re not able to enter the main area of your home, they can still take valuables from the garage itself.

First, get in the habit of locking any doors in your garage whether they lead to the interior or exterior of your home. If you live in an area with a lot of car break-ins, keep your garage opener inside instead of in your vehicle.

If you use a passcode to open your garage door, be careful who you share it with. For instance, never give your garage code to delivery drivers or neighbors no matter how trustworthy they seem.

If your garage has windows, install window treatments such as blinds so that criminals can’t see inside. You can also install extra locks and an alarm system specifically for your garage door.

Using a smart garage door opener makes securing your garage much more convenient. For example, they can detect when you’ve left home and make sure the door shuts so you don’t have to worry about forgetting.

Invest in a Safe

If a burglar successfully finds a way to enter your home, you can still protect your valuables from getting snatched. Keeping a safe in your home secures valuables like jewelry, passports, and firearms.

Make sure to choose a safe that is waterproof, resistant to fire, and weighs enough that an intruder can’t lift it. Keep in mind that safes protect valuables from natural disasters as well as home invasions.

Enhancing Home Safety

Now you know several simple and affordable ways to increase home safety and ease your mind. Remember this guide and keep criminals away from your possessions and loved ones.

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