5 Essential Window Security Tips

5 Essential Window Security Tips

Home Security has always been the main concern for each individual since most of the burglars enter the house through doors and windows. That’s why here at Lucky Locksmith, we’re happy to help you by giving you locksmith certified tips when it comes to window security improvement! Professional locksmith tips will always be trustworthy!

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Here are 5 important window security tips to secure your house, family members and your property items.


1. Use Best Quality Locks for Window Security

This is one of the most essential steps which you need to undertake to maintain safety. Always go for the high and best quality locks for your doors and windows. Ensure that the locks are properly placed and verify its functionality properly. Just give an attempt to open the window and check if the locks stop. If not, then replace the locks or else get it repaired from a trusted locksmith.
Before going to sleep or going out always take a few minutes to check whether all the windows are locked properly or not. If the windows are not in use then always lock it. 


2. Install Cameras

Ensure that the windows are secure which are mainly in dark areas. Burglars can make this place as their entry point. Make sure to use the high-quality lighting systems and trim the trees, shrubs or bushes or else it will become the best spot for burglars to hide. Install good quality cameras to track all the events occurring around the house. 


3. Window Concealment

Make sure to use window coverings or high-quality screens to maintain window privacy. It is good to avoid transparent fabrics to secure your home. Hence it is advisable to use solid toned fabrics.


4. Keep your belongings away from Windows

All your belongings such as laptops, mobiles, TV, jewelry or any other expensive items should be kept away from the windows. Place it in an area that cannot be visible from the outside through your window. Whenever you are in hurry try to avoid keeping your belongings in plain view. Usually, Burglars keep watching from outside so you need to be more conscious while keeping these valuables.


5. Window Motion Detection or Glass Break Sensors

It is always best to go with advanced technology. You can install motion detector sensors on your windows. Thus, whenever the window gets opened or tampered you will be notified every time it occurs. Also, you can make use of Glass break sensors on all your windows. If the burglars attempt to break or shatter the window’s glass, then the detector will produce a loud alarm to alert nearby walkers.

6. Call a Professional Locksmith

More importantly, if you are looking for some good locksmith services to secure your house, connect with Lucky Locksmith where we have well-trained faculty, up to date tools, methods and offer a quick response to the customer needs. We are available for you 24*7 including weekends and holidays. We handle customer issues carefully and deliver the task on time at a cost-effective price.

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