9 Ways to Protect Your Business from Theft

Even if you have a large or small business, we’re sure that you’re doing your best to protect it. Burglars often steal small items easily, for instance, a sunglass out of the window right in front of the store. That’s why it is vital to call a trustworthy locksmith beforehand.


Lock and Key Security



We all invest in securing our house by introducing alarm systems, locks, and other security items but often forget to make our business places secure from those savvy burglars. For you, we have listed 9 ideas which you can follow to protect your business from theft:

Place electronic tags on your products 

This is an expensive step but absolutely worth it if business security is your No. 1 concern. The electronic tag triggers the alarm if someone makes an attempt to take an item outside the store gate without paying. 

Conduct regular inventory checks  

Always keep a record of the items in the store routinely so that at least you can be alert if someone has stolen an item. You can always go check the security cameras to know who did it and be careful the next time. 

Make sure that the business place has adequate lighting 

Adequate lighting outside and inside the business place always helps to prevent burglary because that makes the burglars nervous about being caught easily. Always make sure that the place of business is well light at the dark spots. You can also consider the option of motion-detection lights as a cost-effective security solution. 

Contact a locksmith for effective security alarms

This enables you to know if someone entered your place of business after closing hours. Shell some money of installing effective security alarms for your place which will instantly inform law enforcement on any security breach. If you are in search of efficient and cost-effective alarm systems, connect with Lucky Locksmith, where we offer the best security equipment along with the service of installation.  

Place a stronger front glass 

Burglars often smash the front glass and break-in, that’s why it is essential to invest in sturdy front store glasses so that they cannot break the glass and grab your business items. The best choice in the market is laminated glass which stays effective for the long-run. 

Place safes near the front area 

This way you can keep a track of all the essential and expensive items in the store. It is best to make all the store items within eye range so that the savvy burglars can never achieve the opportunity to steal. 

Call a locksmith to get security cameras at strategic positions 

Cameras not only act as a warning to the burglars but also empower you to keep track of your business place gets robbed. During the operation hours, these cameras benefit to keep a track of all the customer and employee activities. 

Place commonly stolen materials near the cash register 

Commonly stolen items include cosmetics, alcohol, clothing pieces, purses, footwear, confectionery items, and other small items. It is best to place these near the cash counter so that the employees can carefully monitor them. 

Offer effective customer service 

Hire individuals with flawless customer service skills to introduce a friendly environment so that no shoplifting can occur. People tend to not steal at a place where other people have interacted with them. 

In order to get more information, if you are looking for some good locksmith services to secure your house, connect with Lucky Locksmith where we have well-trained faculty, up to date tools, methods and offer a quick response to the customer needs. We are available for you 24*7 including weekends and holidays. We handle customer issues carefully and deliver the task on time at a cost-effective price. You can also read our blogs for more locksmith related-information!

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