What Types of Keys can a Locksmith Duplicate?

What is your first thought when you lock yourself out of your house? Or perhaps you lost your keys? Locksmith! In situations where you are unable to find keys, a locksmith can provide you with proper Intel and assistance provided they are able to duplicate it.

Man Giving Keys

Yes, locksmiths are equipped to duplicate keys of various kinds but it is vital to know which ones they can and which ones they cannot. Let’s take a look at the most common keys that a locksmith can duplicate.

There are Keys that Locksmiths CAN’T Duplicate

There are keys that come with “Do not duplicate” written on it. This might make you believe that you are not supposed to duplicate them. However, due to the absence of proper laws and norms with this regard, these keys can be duplicated by a locksmith with ease.

The “Restricted Category”

Contrary to common belief, do not duplicate keys does not qualify as restricted keys. These types of keys cannot be duplicated since the manufacturer has all the duplication rights.
With his approval or sanction, these keys cannot be duplicated. Other reasons include the equipment used and patent-protected designs. With regards to restricted keys, Patent Laws apply due to which duplicated is limited only to the true owner.

Keys: The ones Locksmith can duplicate

Almost all keys can be duplicated. Having said that the most known ones are as given under:

1. Car Keys: A locksmith can duplicate most of the car keys except the ones can need a brand-new key to unlock. However, most modern car keys are difficult to duplicate. Although duplicating a simple car key should not be a problem.

2. House Keys: Forgot your keys inside the house? You don’t have to worry one bit. Locksmiths can easily duplicate your front door locks giving you way into your house.

3. Safe Keys: Safe keys have unique patterns and equipment for safety purposes. Although it is possible to duplicate them depending on their type and nature.

4. Chubb Keys: Chubb keys are relatively big in size and have unique combinations. It may take longer to supplicate a Chubb key but definitely possible.

5. Yale Keys: Yale keys are small, simple keys that can be easily duplicated by the locksmith. 

6. Padlock Keys: Mostly, padlock keys are Yale keys and can easily be duplicated. However, even the ones that aren’t Yale, can be made identically.

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