What is Lock Snapping and How to prevent it?

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Lock Snap

Lock Snapping: What is it?

This is a simple method through which intruders enter the house and guess what all it needs is a hammer and a screwdriver!

What makes it even easier is the lack of any special skill required. As this technique does not require expertise or skill training, any and every burglar is capable of lock snapping your house. 
Just with the help of some easily available household tools, they can break in and loot all of your belongings in no time. In simple words, lock snapping is the cutting of the lock cylinder in half which can be done an amateur thief as well.

Lock Snapping: How to prevent it?

The prevention starts by identifying the vulnerability of the locks. Contrary to common opinion, burglars do not always enter form your front door, therefore you must check all of the locks of your house. You must hire professional locksmiths to help you understand the kind of lock you have and advise preventive methods.
It is time to upgrade your locks if the lock is protruding out of the door handle easily. This is an indication of cylinder locks that are susceptible to lock snapping.

Call a professional locksmith service provider!

The most effective way to be miles away from lock snapping is to install high-level secure locks. With anti-snapping technology embedded in these locks, they can deter criminals from breaking in. These kinds of locks have tried and tested cylinders that will keep the criminals at bay. They may even try to break it but won’t be able to snap it open.
Therefore, as far as lock snapping is concerned, you must install and fit new locks that are anti-snapping to keep your family safe at all times. If you’re in a hurry or busy, you can always call a trustworthy locksmith to fix your problems.
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