How to Get a Broken Key Out of a Lock?

Broken keys stuck in a lock are more frustrating than coming back home after a long day of tiring work. A broken key in the lock makes you feel deserted especially if you’re in urgency to move out. Such a situation mostly happens when someone turns the key too fast or also due to uneven maintenance of the locks. In such a situation, it’s best not to fix it on your own and instead call for a professional locksmith to handle the difficulty.


Use lubricant 

The initial thing that you must do in case of a key stuck in a lock is to apply lubricant. Try using a readily available non-corrosive lubricant like WD-40. It would be best to spray the lubricant directly into the keyhole, and softly wiggle the key back and forth. Then, spray other areas of the lock that you can see. First, try to twist the key, and then make an effort to remove it. 


Super Glue 

This is a complicated and risky method that fails more often than it flourishes which is why most individuals prefer to call a professional locksmith instead. This solution should only be used if the key is not stuck far inside the lock. 


Use Tweezers

The efficiency of this method is dependent on how far the key is caught inside as well as the thickness of the tweezers. Some may fit inside the lock but, if you cannot open them to hold the key, then they can’t do much. Smaller tweezers can turn out to be positive at removing broken keys that are within relatively close reach. This method though needs acceptable patience and time. Needle nose pliers are also well-known for key removal. 


Jigsaw Blade 

Use a tinny pair of jigsaw blades, supplement them into the keyway on opposite sides of the wrecked key facing down, so that they can peg the key’s teeth. Utilize the blades to hook the key softly turning and catching the broken part of the key, and pulling outwards. This means of fix might also need a trip to the hardware store, so it may turn out to be a little time-consuming. 


Key Extractor 

If you have this tool at your house, then it’s the best bet. However, broken key extractors are usually tools with professional locksmiths. This tool is simple to use, where you require to grab the key with the extractor hooks before removing it slowly. If you desire to buy it from the market, then it is vital to know that there are diverse varieties available in the market and one must consider the workability of the tool before purchasing it. 


Heat it up

In some situations, the metal in the lock may shift and warp with temperature changes. Heating up the lock with a hairdryer or similar tool can help expand the metal and release the key. Try holding a hairdryer over the lock for some minutes, and then try to remove the key with a gloved hand. 


Call for Local professional locksmith 

When the key breaks and produces a barrier for the proper functioning of the door, it basically advances the chances of theft. As the broken key can also cause damage to the lock, it’s best to hire a professional locksmith. Only a professional locksmith can make you reside in a safe and secure house instead of making you susceptible to thieves. 


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