How to fix your smart door if it won’t lock?

Difficulties with locks can be astonishingly recurrent. Factors like damage to the key, weather, and even a build-up of grime and dirt inside the locking system can all prevent a door from locking properly. If you are facing difficulties in locking your front door on a regular basis, you must consult a professional locksmith as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could end up placing your home and other belongings at risk. 


But when we talk about smart locks, it is prudent to mention that their efficiency in securely limiting the access as well as the flexibility they offer in where and how they can be installed make them a must-have security system for businesses of any size. But, like any technology, smart locks can also face technical glitches from time to time, getting either locked open or shut. We have detailed some steps that can be followed to fix the smart door if it won’t lock. 


Check for low batteries 

Lock batteries are the first thing you must check when the smart lock fails to operate as expected. When batteries are low, the lock might get stuck in an open or locked position. If a red light on the back of the door lock is consistently blinking or if there is a low battery alert on the touchscreen panel, it would be prudent to replace the batteries with new and effective AA batteries. 


You can easily reboot the door lock by eliminating the batteries for one minute and then replacing them to benefit the lock re-establish communication with the touchscreen panel. But make sure that you can view the door lock from the panel and the app. If the reboot does not re-establish the entire connection and you are unable to lock your door lock, it would be best to connect with Lucky Locksmith for additional assistance. 


Look out for the door and smart lock alignment 

Due to the way a smart door lock is designed, one cannot simply look inside a smart lock for its operations. Beneath these smart mechanisms, lies a lock much like you would observe on any other door and this requires to be precisely aligned in order to operate accurately. Any kind of misalignment can potentially wear out the smart software that operates inside every time the door lock is operated so if you detect any difficulties, make an effort to realign it. This can easily get the door to working as expected.   


Look out for weak signals

This can also be problematic as most smart locks are connected wirelessly to a security system. When a connection is weak, the lock may require to reboot in order to reassign itself to the network and advance the signal strength. 


Check the user codes

Check to see if you can turn the latch to manually lock the house door. If it operates and locks smoothly, you may have an issue with either the lock communication or user codes with the panel. 


Make sure to not do anything more than 3 times 

Smart locks have an automated locking system to advance the security of the house against burglary. This indicates that any action tried more than 3 times could engross this safety feature and operate the lock for a specific time period. But if you’ve gone past this point and you’ve tried operating the system with an access code, or voice ID numerous times, you will have to wait for the lock to reboot properly.  


Regardless of why your house door won’t lock, you must avoid trying to fix the difficulty yourself and call for a professional. Ensure you don’t fall victim to a locksmith scam by calling a reputable company, like Lucky Locksmith, and hire an accredited locksmith. 


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