Why Do You Need to Change Locks? Here’s What You Need to Know!

We can’t deny that in this age of technology, homeowners are forced to upgrade their home security system with entry sensors, panic buttons, and motion sensors. This will ensure that their house or property has layered protection from any intruders. However, we often miss the first step to protecting our homes, which is ensuring that the first line of protection, the safety locks, is constantly maintained.


That’s why most of the total number of unlawful entries are due to the fact that the doors themselves were left unlocked. In fact, a significant percentage of unlawful entries are also often by someone who has access to the house. This is why changing your locks becomes an imperative step to ensure the safety of our homes.

The following outline situations which are best to change your locks.


·        When you lose your keys

The next time you lose your keys make sure that instead of getting a duplicate made, you change your lock. This will prevent you from unwanted access by people who may use your lost keys to gain access to your home. An additional step to ensure safety is to make sure that you never inscribe your home address on the keys.

·        When you go through a relationship change

As hard as a relationship change is, you need to ensure that you don’t make it worse by not paying any heed to the safety of your home you shared with them or gave access to them. Make sure that after a breakup, you change the locks of the house to prevent unwarranted access by them.

·        When the lock itself is old

Old locks are brittle and wear and tear can impact the functionality of the lock. Over the passage of time, you will also notice that the locks are very flimsy and tend to open with little effort or in some cases become very difficult to lock. These are signs that you must change your locks at the earliest.

·        When you are moving

At times when you are either moving into a new place or have just purchased a new one, you must ensure that you change your locks. This step should also be ensured when you move in as a tenant. These situations demand that new locks be installed.


Final Words 

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