The first thing to do when you lose your car keys is not to panic. People mostly panic and this leads to a lot of damage mostly to your vehicle and in some cases even you. Losing keys is something we all have gone through and it’s not something that is out of the ordinary.


Many people lose their keys, and we at Lucky Locksmith always advise our clients to not take matters into your own hands in such situations. While losing the key may be stressful, it definitely isn’t the end of the world and is a simple problem that can be resolved easily. The following is what you must do in such a circumstance:


1. Gather information about your car 

The first step to do when you lose your car keys is to gather all the important information that you may be required to tell your insurance company or the locksmith. These include predominately the year of the making of the car, the model and vehicle number. Additionally, as a safety measure, these insurance companies and locksmiths inquire about whether the car is your own. For this, you must ensure that you have credible information regarding the same. 


2. Contact your Auto Insurance Company 

When you get auto insurance for your vehicle, they often provide you with an emergency number. So, in the case where you lose your keys make sure that after you gather the requisite information you call the insurance company’s number. They may be able to provide you with the cost of replacing your car keys and in many cases recommend the best locksmith for your needs. This goes a long way in situations when you may be panicking.


3. Contact the local locksmith to make a new key 

Now, comes the step which is the most essential of all, call a locksmith as soon as possible after you’ve exhausted all the options you’ve had.  A reputable locksmith who provides good service in the area should be your ideal choice. You must make sure that you do a proper background check before calling the locksmith.


4. How to choose a locksmith?

While choosing a locksmith and doing the whole background check may be impossible to conduct in situations where you need a solution quickly. For this, we have compiled these simple four pointers to look for. Check the following to choose a locksmith properly:

  • Licensed and registered to operate in your area
  • Highly rated in reviews 
  • An A+ assessment rating with the Better Business Bureau 
  • Member of The Associated Locksmiths of America

Lucky Locksmith assures you that if you have a problem pertaining to any car keys related issues you can contact us. We have a team of trained professionals who have ample experience to tackle any situation or circumstance. We make sure that consumer satisfaction is our priority and accordingly enable you to get access to your vehicle. We will make sure that we minimize the risk of damage to your car and also ensure that you get a quick, affordable and worthwhile service.