How to Avoid Damage to Property when Breaking Down a Lock?

Many people create a ruckus when they try those Do it yourself methods to break into their homes, offices, and vehicles when they lose the keys. This often leads to grave damage being caused to the said locks and security systems. In fact, in many cases, people often cause damage to their doors and handles while trying to break open.


We at Lucky Locksmiths understand that in many cases you may not have the time or the patience to call a locksmith. Even though we hope that such circumstance does not arise for you, we in this post give a few pointers that you should consider before going ahead and breaking your locks. While we always recommend calling a locksmith here are some recommendations to follow if the need arises for you to break in without the help of a locksmith to minimize the risk. 


1. If your lock can be slipped? 

Now if the door is installed very tightly and a card won’t fit, it can possibly not be slipped. Remember if your door opens outwards slipping it might not be possible. Although if the door is front doors or open inwards the chances of slipping it is easy.


2. How to slip your lock?

Well, if you’ve come to the next step it means that slipping your doors is possible. First, make sure that in no case do you use your credit card to slip it. The card will definitely break. Follow the following steps:

  • Find a coke bottle or any plastic folder or any other slim piece of plastic slightly larger than your hand. 
  • Cut it in the shape of a rectangle.
  • Slide the plastic between the frame and the door either above or below the lock you are trying to slip.
  • Slide the plastic towards the lock until it won’t slide any further.
  • Press the plastic against the object stopping it from sliding further and slightly pull the door towards you.
  • Make sure not to pressure on the latch with the door being closed.


3. Is the lock slipping and popping? 

If this is in the affirmative it means that the plastic between the door and the frame is working its magic. Don’t worry about the lock popping as the same indicates that the latch/ lock makes is being pushed in. 


Lucky Locksmith often see cases where individuals panic in situations where they lose their keys to their homes, cars or offices. We assure you that if you choose us that will never be the case. While ensuring that you get the best service, we will also ensure that you don’t worry about the costs of the whole thing.


We are affordable, efficient and tremendously professional. With a team that is very experienced, we are a trusted brand in the areas we serve. We make sure that you get the service that you deserve. Contact us now if you need any assistance regarding any issues that you may encounter with your lock and security systems.