Top Reasons Why a Master Lock System is Important

Efficient locks are one of the best lines of defense for any house or business. The top reasons for break-in attempts usually include poor security systems, open windows or doors, or minimal security. That’s why houses and businesses nowadays need to install a Master Lock system. To help you with its installation, contact your nearest local locksmith, Lucky Locksmith, today!



What is a Master Lock System?

A Master Lock System offers a specific level of access for each set of keys. A key with the highest level of access can open all the doors in a particular facility, while other keys only have limited access.


How Does it Operate?

The idea of a master lock system is to have multiple keys that have certain assigned levels of access depending on the key holder’s role in the business. For instance, the branch manager or boss of a specific restaurant has a key that opens every door in the establishment. On the other hand, the employees only have keys that open specific doors only.


What Kind of Locking System is Needed?

Most of the master lock systems is a basic pin tumbler lock. This lock operates by making the key grooves to correspond to the precise positions of the driver pins in the lock. As the key goes into the tumbler lock it has to fit precisely in order for the key to rotate properly.


Kinds of Keys Needed:

There are numerous keys involved in a Master Lock System, each having a different function, including:

  1. Master Key

This key is the highest-ranking key in the system, for it opens all the locks in the system for the user.

  1. Sub-Master Key

This type of lock opens only specific locks that are at a specific level of access.


Benefits of a Master Lock System 



In such a locking system, if a key is lost, the whole system does not need to be rekeyed. This can effectively lower the costs without interfering with critical access requirements.



With a Master Lock System, the user only needs to keep a track of a single key which will open every door the user needs access to. If you are a homeowner, gardener, or the senior staff, you will need only one key.


Better security

Installing a Master Lock system in your business is one way of providing quality security. It’s definitely a good move because, in this type of system, there are separate keys for every door. The only one that has access to every door is the branch manager or CEO.


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