St. Louis, MO’s Elevated Bar Experience

Every fun city always has this one particular thing that defines it best. St. Louis sided with the bars as it presents a whooping list of charming and stellar bars full of fun and entertainment. Whatever you wish to partake at any select bar here, the choice of where to head to will be all yours because the list of bars is endless. However, for the sake of fun, here are a few top bars with an elevated level of enjoyment. Find further facts here.

314 The City Bar

314 City Bar is known widely to be a top bar that allows visitors to come along with their pets, including dogs. It features different kinds of entertainment from drinks, cocktails, food, music, and seasonal events. Its relaxed and ample atmosphere is another attribute to reckon with a clear view of other fun things to see, including the mighty Gateway Arch. Read about Interact with Animals in St. Louis, MO here.

360 Rooftop

Simply as the name indicates, the only bar that gives guests a 360-degree perfect view of the city at the top of a roof. Amazing, right? Soaring nearly four hundred feet above downtown St. Louis, 360 Rooftop offers guests an all-angle view of different attractive stuff in the city from the Gateway Arch to enjoying an aerial view of matches at Busch Stadium while enjoying drinks.