Interact with Animals in St. Louis, MO

Everyone loves animals with the urge to see the wild ones making it even more fun. St. Louis is a home to some of the best parks and sanctuaries hosting wild and domestic animals everyone can wish to lay a hand on. The best spots to come face to face with even rare breeds of wild animals include; Click here for facts about St. Louis, MO.

St. Louis Zoo

No other park ranks to the level of St. Louis Zoo in the whole town. It is arguably the best free park everyone can come to and interact with live wild animals and birds. Beautiful animals like giraffes, tigers, monkeys, and kangaroos lie idle in the zoo, waiting for you to tease them. Everyone, including kids, will not miss the awe-inspiring taste of this marvelous park. Birds are on site as well, with a few migratory species coming and going. Click here to read about Eccentric Museum Fun in St. Louis, MO.

See Domestic Animals at Grant’s Farm

This is a perfect spot to bring the city kids who do not have a practical idea of what domestic animals look like apart from watching and reading about them in books. Farm animals to see include donkeys, cows, goats, horses, and many other more domestic animals good for kids and anyone else.