St. Louis, MO Is A Beacon of Landmarks

St. Louis is an abundant city with charming and gorgeous points of interest. It is a proud home to some of the record-holding oldest and amazing myriad of historical sites and landmarks. While most of them are known grossly, a few are hidden gems known by a few people. Here is an opportunity to learn of these dazzling rare treasures of St. Louis. Information concerning St. Louis, MO can be discovered here. 

The Great Gateway Arch

It is the most popular and common attraction spot in St. Louis that you will never miss from anywhere in the city; that is why other people refer to St. Louis as the Gateway City. The arch measures over six hundred feet tall and is the highest human-made monument in the U.S. Information about St. Louis, MO’s Elevated Bar Experience can be found here. 

The Old Court House

A one-day itinerary will not be enough for you because you will miss this iconic site that hosts substantial historical records. It is said that some of the most vital court proceedings took place in this historical building relating to crime and all manner of evil worth prosecuting.

The Wainwright Building

This building is as well chock-full of history as alleged to be one of the first-ever skyscrapers to stand in St. Louis. Apart from enjoying the massive spectacular architectural designs of the building, a whole-pack of archival records is here to peruse.