Residential Locksmiths

There are times when a person can benefit from the services of a residential locksmith. These locksmiths can provide several facilities around the home and help a person out of a tough situation. Some 24-hour locksmiths can be called in case of emergencies. They will come home at any time of the day or night, which is very important if they are locked out.


Residential Locksmith in St. Louis

Emergency Lockouts 

The residential locksmiths can be called if a person has locked themselves out of the home. They may have left their keys inside and cannot get into their home. The locksmith can come to the house and open the door with the minimum if any damage. They will not break the doors or windows and safely get a person back into their home. If a person is locked out of their car, the residential locksmith can unlock the doors with their skills and equipment.

Changing Locks 

If a person needs to change their locks for any reason, the residential locksmith can perform this service. If a person purchased a home, they would often change the locks. The locksmith will replace all of the locks in the house. This way, there is not a chance that someone else has a key. The locksmith will make sure all of the bolts are brand new on all doors and windows leading into the home.

Smart Locks 

As technology advances, so do the technology used on locks. The residential locksmith can install smart locks on the home. These locks can be controlled with a smartphone or other mobile device. A person can lock their doors from their device. This way, they do not have to worry if they locked their doors on the way out. They can also unlock the doors from their device if they are entering the home.

Replace Damaged Locks 

There are incidents where locks may become damaged. The locksmith can come and make the needed repairs. They will fix the broken elements in the lock. The locksmith can essentially extract broken keys from the lock that has become stuck. They can also repair window locks to make sure they are functioning correctly.

Lock Installation 

If there is damage to a door and the lock is no longer useful, a person needs to have a new lock installed. The locksmith will replace the lock, the knob and the handle, and even the bolt. A person can select the type of lock that they want, or the locksmith can install one. They will ensure that the lock is in proper working order before leaving so that a person will know that their home is protected.

Opening a Safe

If a person has a safe and cannot get into it or has lost the key, the locksmith can help. They will be able to open the safe. In some cases, they may need to use drills and other tools. The valuables that are inside of the safe will not be damaged during this process. The locksmith can even install a new safety lock if one has become broken.

How long will the service take?

Once the locksmith has arrived, they will get right to work. For some, it may take the locksmith 30 minutes to open the lock. If there is an emergency, they will work quickly. When installing a new lock or a smart lock, it is going to take additional time.

Don’t worry, your locks are safe during the process!

Most methods that residential locksmiths use will not damage the lock. They may be able to use a bump key to open the door. In some extreme cases, a lock may need to be drilled and replaced. The locksmith will take every precaution and will be careful when opening the locks.

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These are some of the services that are offered by the locksmith. The locksmith can install new locks and help a person if they have become locked out of their home. Some locksmiths can come to the house for emergencies. Instead of making repairs and further damaging the locks, a person should call a residential locksmith to handle all of their needs.  Call Lucky Locksmith today, the best professional locksmith service provider in St. Louis!