Proper Place to Install a Safe

If you want to keep certain items safe, buy a safe. But how do you prevent your safe from being compromised? Before buying one, you need to plan on where to install a safe. The safe you need also depends on what you want to store.

Sentry-brand Safe
Sentry-brand Safe

Buying a heavy, well-built safe makes it difficult for someone to remove it from your home quickly. Instead, they have to stay in place to enter, putting them at a higher risk of being caught. However, you may not need a large, heavy safe. Depending on what you keep, you may be looking for a smaller safe to keep jewelry or family documents safe. There are still several safes that can be bolted together to reduce the risk of someone getting away with your safe.

Install your small safe in a well-hidden place

Smaller safes can be hidden in various places around the house. One of the most popular secure storage places in the bedroom closet. This is, of course, the first place a thief will look. For this reason, we recommend choosing another hiding place.

Perhaps you can install your safe under a sink in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. These are some of the places a thief is least likely to visit. Being smart about installing it safely and thinking of remote and dark places will likely help keep your security undetected. If you have a linen closet, this can be a good place too. These cabinets are usually packed with stuff from top to bottom, and it can take a long time for someone in a hurry to get everything out unless they know you’re looking for a safe.

Never install your safe in the garage.

A thief could spend hours in the garage making noise. Most people would not think about it and assume that you are working on a project. Not to mention, garages are often full of tools that could make the safe easier to access. Built-in and wall safes are also an option. Think about the movies where the picture frame was removed to reveal a safe. These have an understated design, and depending on your property, the ideal option for you.

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