Installing an Access Control Locks for Your Property

Access Control Locks
Access Control Locks

Many companies have started adopting access control locks for convenience and security reasons. When a company looks for access control locks, they are often asked: What is the best type of access control locks? What are the advantages of these systems? And how much do access control systems cost? Well, read on to find out, as Lucky Locksmith St. Louis is here to answer all your questions!

What are the advantages of access control systems?

Companies with access control systems offer numerous advantages. For one thing, instead of having to carry a key, you can simply swipe a card or enter a number. Also, if you ever lose a key card, you can simply deactivate it. Do you need to control who enters and leaves a building? No problem! You can configure this for many access control systems.

You Might Ask: What is the Best Access Control System for My Company?

There are three main access control systems: traditional, standalone, and single door systems.

Traditional Cable System

If your business has many doors, we recommend using the traditional cable system. Traditional cable access control systems involve wiring through your electrical system. Moreover, they typically have a power supply unit, a controller to control the system, and software to edit and change door codes.

Stand-alone Access Control System

We recommend using the standalone access control system for properties and business of any type. These are individual systems that are for doors. Installation is much easier, resulting in lower cost. Also, freestanding systems generally have a swipe card or pen to enter through the door.

Single Door System

Like the standalone system, the single door system is for a single door (or sometimes up to two doors, but as with the traditional cable system, it requires wiring. However, unlike the system With traditional cable, the system is more likely to be connected to a nearby outlet.

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