Olivette, Missouri – A Short Drive West of Kansas City

Olivette, Missouri is an inner-ring suburb of St. Joseph, Missouri, situated in St. Joseph County, Missouri. The population in the area was approximately 6,715 in the last census. Olivette has a population that is comprised of both people and businesses and is served by three major highways. The main roads to and from Olivette are I-55 and SR 7. There are also roads within the city that are public roads but have been upgraded to accommodate business traffic. Olivette has several schools and hospitals including Olivette Medical Center and Olivette University. More can be found here.


Olivette’s downtown area has an assortment of restaurants, shops, and nightlife that attract residents and visitors alike. The majority of the residents of Olivette live in the City. However, there are several homes and apartments that are on the Eastside of the city that are not directly connected to the downtown area. Some of the homes and apartments in this section of the town are for sale and others are listed for lease. Other sections of the Eastside of Olivette are residential and have businesses such as restaurants, pubs, and bars. Learn more about Overland, Missouri – The Big City.


There are also a number of small businesses that are located within Olivette. One of the main industries is a food business and the residents of this suburb also work for these businesses. There are also a number of businesses that service students and families who live on the Eastside of Olivette. Some of these businesses are restaurants, stores, and businesses that offer employment for both students and adults. These types of businesses are found throughout the town and are all located in the downtown area. This means that residents of Olivette can easily access many types of jobs within a short distance of their homes.

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