Overland, Missouri – The Big City

Overland, Missouri is a very large city in the St. Louis suburb, St. Louis, County. The population of Overland was over sixteen thousand at the last census, although the last census for St. Louis has yet to be conducted. The Overland community is very popular, and very well known, thanks to the television show “Stargate”. This city was first built by two Missouri pioneers, and was a small farming town. Today the population is growing every day. There are many restaurants, and retail stores, as well as several big hotels. This is where the most people live in Overland, Missouri. Further facts about  St. Louis, MO  can be found here.


Overland, Missouri is one of the many suburbs of St. Louis and is one of the largest cities in the St. Louis area. Many people live here and work in the area. A lot of people have migrated here over the years, due to the high cost of housing in the area. Because of this, Overland has become a very affluent community. Over the years, the housing prices have skyrocketed and it has become more of an investment community. There are many new homes being built and old homes that are being torn down, and these houses will eventually be sold to investors. Information about A Brief History of Rock Hill, MO can be found here.  


Overland, Missouri is not a very crowded place in terms of population. However, it does have a high concentration of wealthy people. Many rich families own homes in this community, and many rich families come to Overland to enjoy its beauty. There are many fine schools located in Overland, and many other nice schools nearby. The city is known for its high crime rate, but the homes in this area are very safe and secure. It’s nice to live in a town where you are so close to the heart of the big city but not so close that you feel like you are in a prison.

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