6 Cases When It’s Best to Count on a Commercial Locksmith

More than 20 million people lose their keys at some point every year in the United States. It’s one thing when you lose your house key, but another thing entirely if you’ve lost a key at work. That’s when you know you need to hire a commercial locksmith to help you out. 

But what other commercial locksmith services are available, and when would the average business owner need to take advantage of them? We’re here to talk about it.

Read on to learn all about the reasons that you should contact a commercial locksmith. 

1. You’re Improving Your Security

If you’re trying to improve the security at your workplace, calling a commercial locksmith is a good option. No, you don’t need a locksmith to set up a security system, but they can help you determine where you may need extra locks set up and can help you add extra locks to your door.

Having multiple locks on a single door is a good idea for your safety (and the safety of your employees and assets).

If an employee is working alone, especially late at night, they may be at risk (or, at the very least, they may feel as though they’re at risk). Adding extra locks can help. 

If the workplace is empty, you’re at a greater risk of a break-in. Adding extra locks could deter potential thieves and thus, prevent the break-in. 

2. You Need to Replace a Lock

Sometimes, replacing a lock is the only option. Perhaps you’ve had a run-in with a former employee who was unwilling to return their key, or you’ve had enough break-ins to know that your lock just isn’t good enough to stand up against criminals. 

In that case, commercial locksmith services may be your best bet. They can replace locks with ease, so you don’t have to worry anymore. When they replace locks, they can add a new similar lock or change your lock to something heavy-duty for an extra layer of protection. 

Replacing a lock on a commercial building on your own likely isn’t worth the trouble (especially if you have several locks to replace). Let a commercial locksmith take care of it for you. 

3. You Need to Rekey a Lock

Sometimes replacing a lock isn’t actually the best option. In many cases, you can rekey a lock instead. 

Again, this is a good option if you know that someone has a key that they should no longer have. Some particularly protective business owners choose to rekey locks even if they or their employees have lost keys.

The chance of someone else finding the key and having access to the building is too risky, but they don’t want to replace the entire lock. Rekeying the lock allows you to keep your original lock, avoid damaging the door, and protect your business all at once.

Again, this isn’t something you can do on your own. It’s one of many great commercial locksmith services that you can take advantage of to keep your business safe. 

4. You Need More Copies of Your Keys

As a business owner, you may not trust every employee with a key. As your business grows, however, you’ll find yourself needing more keyholders. Your employees can’t help you as much if they’re only able to enter the building when you’re there. 

You may also want spare keys in the event of lost keys. It’s always good to have an extra key that you can use in the event of an emergency. 

If you want completely accurate duplicate keys, it’s a good idea to go to a commercial locksmith. They’ll make sure that your new keys are identical to the old ones so you and your employees will have no problem entering the building. 

5. You’ve Been Locked Out of the Building

Uh oh, you get back to your workplace, and you discover something awkward: you’ve been locked out of the building.

Whether you forgot the code to the door, left your keys at home, left them inside the building, or lost them altogether, the end result is the same right now. You can’t get inside. It’s time to call an emergency locksmith. 

Sure, you could try to pick your lock, but this is your business. You don’t want to damage your lock by accident. Commercial locksmith services will help you when you forgot the code or lost the key to your business so you can start your workday.

6. You’ve Been Locked Out of a Company Vehicle

So you’re able to get into the building, but now you have to use one of the company vehicles. Whether it’s a tractor or a work van, it’s an essential part of your work day, and you can’t afford to lose any time.

Unfortunately, you’re locked out. You have no idea where your keys are, but you’re already running late.

Again, an emergency locksmith can help you out. They’ll make quick work of unlocking your work vehicle so you can get back on task. 

Do You Need a Commercial Locksmith?

There are many situations in which it makes sense to hire a commercial locksmith to help you. Whether you’ve locked yourself out of the office, you need to replace a lock, you need a new key, or any of the other above scenarios pop up, a commercial locksmith can help you out. 

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