How Often Should You Rekey Your Locks?

Breaks-in, intrusions, robberies, and other criminal acts aren’t uncommon in large metropolitan areas like St. Louis. These illicit activities require adept, proactive measures to prevent the loss of property. The first thing that will hit almost any resident’s mind when analyzing their home’s security is ensuring that safe, effective door locks remain in place. Unfortunately, frequently changing locks isn’t always an option.

New homeowners also commonly change their locks upon moving into their new residence. Other individuals could possess keys to the dwelling, and the new residents shouldn’t risk their possessions by utilizing the same lock and key as the previous owner.

In these situations, rekeying locks is often the best possible solution. However, rekeying locks typically requires a visit from a locksmith in St. Louis, like Lucky Locksmith. A professional locksmith service allows full control of every key that allows access to a home.

What is Rekeying?

When a locksmith in St. Louis rekeys a lock, they change the way the key works in the lock. Residents don’t need to change the lock as the old lock remains the same. However, the old key no longer functions in the old lock.

The locksmith changes components in the lock called key pins, preventing the lock from responding to the old set of keys. Rekeying locks saves time and labor while still providing an extremely safe alternative.

Residents typically seek a St. Louis locksmith when they want to upgrade the locks or otherwise change the entire mechanism. They may want to upgrade from a traditional pin tumbler lock to a higher security selection.

Why Rekey Locks?

Rekeying is often the best option for individuals that lose their keys or to prevent unauthorized entry to a home or other facility. Enlisting a locksmith in St. Louis like Lucky Locksmith is also an ideal solution to renew a current code due to fault or compromise. Rekeying a lock restores evenness to locking pins and allows the locksmith to create a new pin configuration.

Residents should consider rekeying their locks when they lose control of who can access their homes. Stolen or lost keys, distributing too many copies of keys, and former residents remaining in possession of keys can potentially compromise home security. Rekeying locks in any of these situations is an excellent idea.

Hire a Professional to Quickly and Efficiently Rekey Locks

Lucky Locksmith in St. Louis, Missouri is a professional locksmith able to rekey virtually any lock swiftly and efficiently. We take pride in helping the St. Louis community feel safe and secure while in their homes.

Reaching out to a professional locksmith is the ideal option to determine if rekeying or replacing a lock is the best solution for an individual’s needs. Local locksmiths like our team from Lucky Locksmith have more access to premium-quality hardware than what most can find in their local hardware stores. An expert can also rely on his knowledge and experience in the industry to provide the best secure results for a property.

To learn more about rekeying locks and other professional locksmith services, contact the dedicated, expert professionals from Lucky Locksmith today for additional information.