5 Ways to Do Proper Door Lock Maintenance

Mostly everyone believes that the door lock in their house is immortal. However, most of the locksmiths are known to agree to the fact that the average lifespan of a lock is about seven years approximately. And if you want to get the most out of your door locks, you should seriously take into consideration these five factors.

So, here’s the list of 5 Ways to Do Proper Door Lock Maintenance:

Lock Maintenance

Check Out Your Door’s Strike Plates And Screws

It’s no secret that at the very least, one screw that secures the top hinge to the entire doorframe is long enough to make a connection of the door to the walling frame which is around the door. In order to prevent break-in resistance, you should add a screw that is longer. By longer, we mean about 3 inches to each of the hinges. The hinge screws are known to be staggered. However, the screws that are long should be kept near the wall’s center. While you look at the frame, you should check the strike plates.

Are You Sure That Your Door Is Hung Properly?

A lock is known to function properly only if the door is installed properly. A door that is known to bind or sag may be putting up a huge amount of pressure on the latch or bolt of the lock. It might lead to a failure that can certainly keep you locked out of your own house. A door that is hung properly won’t bind. The gap between the frame and the door must be uniform across the sides and the top.

Don’t Overdo Your Door Lock Cleaning

You don’t need to put a huge amount of efforts when it comes to lock’s external maintenance. It’s incredibly simple. You can easily use a mild detergent in order to clean up the door locks. However, some manufacturers suggest you use a damp rag. You will be doing more harm than good by making use of chemical cleaner or abrasive on a door lock. The products based on petroleum are also known to damage the finish of the lock. The protective coating on most of the locks will easily withstand the normal usage for quite a few years. However, it won’t be withstanding any heavy abuse.

Make Sure That Your Deadbolt & Deadlatch Are Working Correctly

Deadlatch shouldn’t fall on the strike plate when closed. It’s one of the modern security features built-in specifically the modern locks that won’t just function correctly if it isn’t properly aligned with the strike plate. Broken deadlatches are known to be solely responsible for some lock failures.

Alongside, when the door is closed, the deadbolt should also operate freely. The door shouldn’t require you to pull, push or lift it in order to operate the lock. You should make sure that the hole in the deadbolt in the doorjamb is quite deep enough such that the bolt is able to extend completely. Your deadbolt isn’t quite known to be fully locked until and unless it’s extended completely.

Copy Duplicate Keys From The Original

You should maintain not only the door lock but also maintain the door key. Keys usually wear out before the doors themselves. When it comes to getting a new lock, you should work on keeping aside one of the original keys in order to create a duplicate.

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