5 Most Trusted Door Lock Brands in the USA

Choosing a lock may seem to be very easy, but think again! The entire safety and security of your home, office, or assets depends upon the strength of that single product which guards your premises when you are away.

Isn’t it clever to put in some attention while choosing a lock brand and buy the product which is completely reliable, durable and affordable too?

To help you out, we have shortlisted a list of 5 popular lock brands which are available in the USA.

1. Mul-T-Lock

This lock brand in Missouri is trusted by a lot of people for its strength. These locks are pretty secure. Also, many times the keys are integrated with an active element which takes a bit more knowledge and experience to pick. These locks have good cores and solid construction that you will need for the overall security.

2. RR Brink

This is one of the few companies trusted to make prison locks in the United States. As these locks keep the most dangerous people behind the bars, you can surely trust them for your home security!

3. Medeco

Medeco is regarded as one of the highest rated pedestal lock brands in St Louis and also in the entire USA.  It is a strong lock, and the best version of this lock is made after the year 2011.

4. Evva

Evva is not a popular brand in St Louis, but it is surely a trustworthy one. The prime reason for this trust is the MCS model. This lock has a complicated magnetic key system which has still not been picked by anyone. Evva uses magnetic pins within the keyway which makes the lock brand unique and off beat. Not only the community members but also the experts in locksmith arena readily trust this brand as being one of the best and strongest lock brands in the USA.

5. ASSA-Abloy

ASSA-Abloy is a company which is literally a master lock brand in St Louis and in the entire USA. They have security products in multiple segments and their locks are widely popular in the majority states of America.  This popularity is due to the trust that this lock delivers to the world of security and home safety. By owning a plethora of reputed home security companies, ASSA-Abloy can be pretty much perfect to build your security net to any level you want. They have the uniqueness of being the most trusted lock brand in St Louis and their products sure take the top most position in the list of home security products. One can surely say, that without ASSA-Abloy, people would not have as many lock brands to choose from.

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