5 Easy Ways to Secure Your Home from Intruders

Imagine spending tons of money on those highly-efficient security locks and still being robbed at some fine day. We all understand how frustrating it can that be and would love to take all steps in order to secure the place where we reside. That’s why we need to protect our homes by calling a professional locksmith nearby!


Burglar attempting to sneak into someone's house


Well, everyone knows that decorating a new house is always fun but swaying away in that fun is never a good idea. Burglars strike every moment whenever possible thus, home security should always be a top priority.

To help you get on your feet, here are 5 simple ways to secure your home from intruders.

1. Get the best locks available in the market

The best idea would be to replace those old ancient easy to break locks or check-in with those individuals who have your spare keys. Get the tamper-proof lock versions for your doors which are not easy to pick and are jimmy-proof. If there aren’t secure windows, then install locks on them. Fluctuating your locks is one of the simplest means to add a little extra security to your personal place and to make sure that there aren’t any rogue keys out there someplace.

2. Secure all your valuables properly

It’s never the best idea to be flashy with your expensive items. It is prudent to keep your gears, motorbikes and other easy-to-grab objects protected in the garage when they are not in use. Make use of window treatments like curtains or blinds to restrict passers-by from eavesdropping your home. It’s best to never leave electronics, jewelry, money or significant personal papers in plain sight.

3. Use proper lighting systems

Intruders never enter properly lit houses because they believe that people are present inside. Thus, make use of bulbs in lamps indoors which function on time-switches to protect the property. It is advised to make a good investment in floodlighting, the ones which detect body heat, motion activation, and high lumens, around the house exteriors to scare the burglars.

4. Keep the doors and windows of the house locked

Inculcating the habit of checking on the doors and windows before sleeping is always a good idea in order to secure your family from intruders. Burglars often make entries through the doors or windows thus; it is vital to make sure that the door and window latches operate effectively. In the case of sliding doors, it is advised to make use of a metal-rod to track the opening.

5. Hide any kind of exposed wire

The majority of the modern security systems are wireless, but in case you make use of those technologies like cameras that have exposed wires, then its best to get them covered because the intruders can easily cut the wires and deactivate the security functions.


To always make sure, to find a Locksmith Nearby

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