When Do Businesses Need a Rekey?

If you run an office building, there are dozens of door locks, filing cabinets, and more. Each of these locks is unlocked with a key, and many employees and contractors in the workplace often access these keys. It is impossible to change the locks every time someone has access to their keys. Doing a rekey every time an employee leaves the company can be expensive and inefficient, especially for larger companies. So, when is the right time to do a rekey?


A Professional Locksmith - Re-keying Process
A Professional Locksmith – Re-keying Process



If there is no immediate risk to your offices, it is still good to change the locks with a certain degree of consistency. Caution is always advised, as simple mistakes can become serious security threats.

We recommend companies to change their locks between 6 months and two years. You can base this decision on several factors, such as: For example, the fluctuation rate of the company, the simple copying of the keys, and the value of what you want to protect. The more frequent these security threats, the more regularly you should reactivate your locks.


In some situations, it is essential to change the keys immediately. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Someone who shouldn’t have access to your password can have access.
  • Someone has left the company key, which is a security risk.
  • A thief/burglar has already broken into your property.
  • If you have reason to believe that any of your locks or keys are at risk, re-entering them immediately should be your priority.

Key alternatives

Whenever someone touches one of these keys, there is a risk that they will make a copy that. They can use for nefarious purposes in the future. In an ideal world, you could use a key card or electronic entry system to change locks frequently so that no one can make a copy of your key without your knowledge.

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