Top Reasons to Switch to a Keypad Lock

When someone can’t enter their place of business after leaving their keys at home, it’s a bad start to the morning. Or maybe they feel tired of coming to the door for late-night forgetful teenagers who have lost their keys. At that point, it is time to start considering alternatives. Keypad door locks offer various distinct advantages over their traditional counterparts.

Any lock’s primary purpose is to secure a facility or property. Feeling confident that everyone inside the home or business facility remains safe and secure offers peace of mind. A keypad lock installed by a professional 24-hour locksmith like Lucky Locksmith offers precisely that.

How do Keypad Locks Work?

Instead of employing a key like a traditional locking system, keypad locks require a numerical code to grant entry to a residence or other facility. Users punch in a code on a numerical pad. If correct, the door lock or deadbolt will release and allow the individual in. Some keypad lock models also integrate security features that keep doors locked for a preset time after multiple incorrect entries.

Reasons to Switch to Keypad Locks

Homeowners choose professional keypad lock installation from a residential locksmith like Lucky Locksmith because these systems give safety and security for a reasonable price. Moreover, business owners rely on keypad lock security systems to protect their businesses because they understand that the building remains safe with a commercial locksmith installing their system correctly.

Don’t Worry About Your Keys

Keypad lock systems offer a convenient solution for homes and businesses by eliminating the need for physical keys. This eliminates the risk of lost keys falling into the wrong hands and the hassle of keeping track of multiple keys. Users also don’t need to generate multiple copies of an entry key, making it a practical choice for businesses and homes with multiple residents.

Improve Your Security with a Durable Locking System

Modern keypad locks are often more durable than traditional fixtures. Over time, keyed locks wear down from use, especially in busy office settings where a manager will lock and unlock the door multiple times as employees access a building. A 24-hour locksmith like Lucky Locksmith can install a keypad lock that lasts longer and requires less maintenance than keyed locks.

Moreover, users can change entry codes easily when they no longer want an individual to possess access. Those attempting to enter a building unlawfully cannot pick keypad locks like a traditional lock.

Install Locks without Making Door and Facility Modifications

A 24-hour locksmith like Lucky Locksmith can easily install keypad locks without making significant changes to frames or doors. These security fixtures install on a door similar to a traditional locking system.

While some keypad locks require a power connection or batteries to function, professional locksmiths like Lucky Locksmith help users make the right decision that keeps their home or business safe with minimal intervention.

Lucky Locksmith has experience servicing, installing, and changing virtually every type of lock, including modern smart and keypad lock systems. To learn more about the benefits of keypad locking systems and how a 24-hour locksmith can help keep a home or business secure, contact Lucky Locksmith today for additional information.