Tips to Protect Your Home While on a Vacation

Protecting your home while you’re on vacation should be your number one priority. Burglars and thieves usually prey on homes that aren’t safe or guarded with locks and other protective measures. That’s why it’s important to know several tips to protect your home whenever you’re out of town or on a trip. So, to give you an insight, here are several ways to protect your home! Read on!

Securing Your Home with Protective Locks
Securing Your Home with Protective Locks

Go for a security system 

The simplest way to secure your residence is via an effective home security system. With perimeter detection and motion sensors, Lucky Locksmith safeguards your house in the event of a break-in. We also offer remote monitoring to monitor your house via your smartphone when away on vacation. 


Install an alarm security system with a panic button 

Installing a supervised alarm security system with a panic alert is a good move. This is because it functions well when it comes to one’s protection and security. Just one press of the button, and it transmits a panic signal to the allocated control room. They then contact the person in distress and also the police authorities, ambulance, and fire authorities. This is a very operative and rapid way of fetching help to your door in a primary means. 


Have bright lighting

It is often noticed that burglars take advantage of the dim and dark lighted corners of the house. Long summer nights are ideal for burglars to sneak inside the house and steal the precious valuables. A motion detector lighting system will allow your house to be safer during long summer nights when you’re away. 


Go for roller shutters and window locks 

Ensure that your window locks are key-locked so that no one can break the window glass and enter the house. If the window is key-locked, the burglar will take more time to remove the glass and enter, basically slowing their entire process while the police arrive. Similarly, roller shutters offer actual insulation and security. They can be a bit expensive but they have plentiful benefits if one considers a security point of view. 


Tidy up the Lawn before your Vacation 

Tidy up your residence for your departure by positioning valuables – bikes, tools, and grills – in a protected shed or garage, and trimming the shrubs so that the burglars cannot hide while trying to break into your house. Scan your house for anything that burglars might use to break into your house, such as a hammer or brick, and place it inside. 


Always be in connect with your neighbors

Neighbors may come to your rescue in cases where you are not at home, and the same has to be kept safe and secure. In that case, always make sure that you have good relations with your neighbors. 


We at Lucky Locksmith provide expert and professional assistance and will always be at your beck and call. We focus on commercial and residential security apart from automotive lock and security systems. With one of the finest services, we are a trusted and affordable locksmith service. We are a full-service company, and with the aim of customer satisfaction, we will make sure that you don’t feel stranded in any situation.