St. Louis, Missouri and its Awe-Inspiring Nature

Apart from the vibrant historical gem and downtown charm of St. Louis, Missouri. It prides itself on being home to some of the most gorgeous lively and green parks ever. The parks are where recreational fun goes with picnics, hikes, and home to seasonal events. The tremendous presence of parks in town offers visitors a chance to choose the perfect spots. However, here are the best spots. Learn more here.

Green Experience at Forest Park

Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States to interact with fauna and flora. It features the most extensive forest cover of trees from which different smaller animals find refuge, making it home to birds and wild animals. More importantly, it has quite scenic and beautiful hiking and biking trails, and you will have a perfect taste of a green atmosphere wherever you step afoot. Learn more about St. Louis, MO’s Fun Is Inclusive.

Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical garden is an excellent spot to interact with nature as it features over seventy acres of lush gardens, landscapes with fantastic architecture. Another noteworthy scenery are greenhouses and conservatories house some exotic plant species, such as horticultural plants and tropical trees. Also, exotic plants like bananas, coffee trees, and orchids are also taken care of in the garden. Especially, beautiful water fountains roar gorgeously with water sprinkles making the garden even greener.