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Frontenac, Missouri is an affluent inner-ring suburban community of St. Louis County located in south-central St. Louis County. The main attraction is the Plaza Frontenac Mall, an upscale shopping center with more than a dozen major retailers. Plaza Frontenac also includes a wide variety of restaurants and specialty shops. In addition to its upscale shopping, Plaza Frontenac is home to numerous businesses that provide services to residents of the area. A number of business such as a pizza parlor, daycare, medical office, and a restaurant also open in the area each year. This neighborhood is the ideal location for a new business, as it has many potential customers and is very close to other large corporations. More facts can be seen here.


Many business owners in this area are familiar with the local newspapers, as many businesses rely heavily on advertising in this area. It has been reported that businesses in this area have been targeted by at least one-vandalism incident in the past two years. In this instance, the vandalism was committed by someone who left a note on the front door of a business in this neighborhood. This note included the words “open or shut the doors,” as well as a threatening reference to the owner.Learn more about The Glendale, Michigan.



Many people in this part of town are familiar with the Plaza Frontenac Mall, as many families and students from nearby schools commute to this area each day. In fact, there are many young professionals that live within walking distance of Plaza Frontenac. However, many residents will never visit this neighborhood due to the high crime rates in the surrounding neighborhoods. The overall crime rate in the Plaza Frontenac area is considered to be very high compared to the rest of the St. Louis area. However, it is possible that this area could become safer due to the efforts of the local law enforcement and the continued growth of the business community.

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