Re-keying Your Home: What You Should Know

Re-keying your home or workplace should not only cross a property owner’s mind when the burglars have knocked on your doors and caused considerable damage. This requirement should be kept in mind from time to time and as a responsible property owner, each individual must ensure that the keys are changed from time to time. This will ensure that your home or workspace is always safe and secure.


Re-keying also offers a wide range of benefits. However, not everyone is well versed with the technical know-how of how to go about something as technical as re-keying. In such cases, it becomes absolutely essential that you contact a professional to re-key your place. Next time you think of re-keying look at the following points of considerations:

  1. Using one Universal Key for all the entrances and exits

Often one gets tired of carrying a bundle of keys around that is not only an inconvenience but also leads to a chance of them getting lost without you even knowing it. After you hire a re-keying professional to re-key your residence you will be enabled to use one single universal key that will open all doors for you. This has a huge advantage that is, you have the total and utmost control over the entrances and the exits by one mode. This also will help owners of huge and large residences and workplaces from carrying around huge keys.   

  1. An affordable and viable option compared to changing locks 

While we would recommend that locks are changed from time to time when they are worn out, it is often that the process can be tedious and expensive.  Changing locks means damage to bolts, handles and often the frames of the door which leads to excessive expenditure upon you. To make sure that your safety is not compromised and you attain complete security make sure that you adopt the cheaper and prudent way of ensuring privacy with re-keying your place. When a door is re-keyed the only step involved is changing the pins of the lock. The lock thus remains in place and only the configuration is changed.

  1. No damage to existing hardware 

While changing locks as said before involves a lot of damage to the door and the other elements of the same, re-keying reduces the risk of such excessive damage to the existing hardware. With a trained professional, you can make sure that you keep your existing hardware since they will execute the task of changing pins with utmost care and precision.   Looking for the same lock that suits your aesthetic is also a task in itself and thus re-keying a much more viable option. 

If you want to re-key your home or workplace make sure you contact us at Lucky Locksmith! We offer a great variety of services that include re-keying by trained and experienced professionals. With the ultimate objective of consumer satisfaction, you can easily relax knowing that we will take care of your every need.