Lost Keys: What to Do and How to Find Them

Losing your keys is one of the easiest and most frustrating glitches. You can quickly drop or misplace your keys under a chair, sofa cushion, or subway seat and soon become a significant nuisance. This is frustrating and endangers the security of your home or office. Besides, it can severely affect your daily activities and cause significant headaches. So what should you do if you find that you don’t know where your keys are?


Lost Keys
Lost Keys


The first step is obvious. Think about the last place you remember and check the immediate area. If the keys are lost in 95% of the cases, you can find them by asking them and searching the relevant fields.

  • Did you have it in your pocket when you left home?
  • Did you need it to access your current location (driving a car, entering the office door)?
  • Have you checked all the places you sat (car seat, desk, conference room seat, lunch table, park bench)?
  • Did you leave them on a table during a meeting or while eating?
  • Did you leave them on a bus, subway, or seat to share a ride?
  • If your car keys are separate from your key-chain and you’ve driven to your current location, they’re likely not far from your current location. If you tend to keep the keys in your pocket, check the last places you sat down.
  • Keys usually slip out of your pocket into your seat and be under the desk or between sofa cushions.

If you’ve taken a taxi, subway, bus, or carpool, consider leaving it in your seat. In the case of taxis or carpooling, some calls can solve your situation, usually painlessly. Some requests may not make a difference, and the security of your home or business can be compromised on a subway or bus. If you lose your keys in the drain or a body of water or find them nowhere, it’s also essential to take the right steps to replace them and protect your home and office.


If you have lost your keys and know for sure that they have not been destroyed, someone else may have your keys. For the security of your company or your home, you must change your locks as soon as possible. If you want to keep the old locks, you can also change the keys. It is important to note that you are susceptible to braking between closing the lock again or changing the lock. It may be advisable to add additional security measures between these times.

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