Locked-out from Your House

There indeed cannot be anything that can ruin a day more than coming home, only to be found you are locked-out from your house. It can be an inconvenience as well as a stressful and scary time. When you call us, we will be at your home quickly and get you back inside your house. We are the best locksmith to call in all of St. Louis.


Locksmith replacing a cylinder lock


Getting locked-out from your house is not easy!


When you become locked out of your house, it is not something that you plan for. It is essential for you always to have our number stored in your phone or a safe place somewhere that you can access if you become locked out of your house. We offer locksmith service at any time, so you can always get our assistance when you need us. We know that being locked out of your house can ruin a schedule that you have, so we respond to calls for service quicker than any other locksmith.

It’s time to call a professional locksmith!

Locksmith services can be costly, and it is not something that you budget for. Thankfully, we are the lowest priced locksmith you will find in St. Louis. We can also offer payment options to qualified customers, so you do not have to worry about finding all of the cost to pay for our emergency services. Our prices may be low, but we always have the most well-trained locksmith technicians. We also have the most state-of-the-art equipment to gain access to your house.

When you call us to regain access to your house, you will always know correctly who will be responding to your call and exactly when they will arrive on site. We want our customers to have peace of mind with our premium services.

Not only can we regain access to your home, but we can also cut additional keys. We can also rekey your locks or replace them altogether if you fear that someone has gained access to your keys. Also, we’re a one-stop locksmith shop that can take care of any of your locksmith needs.

We not only offer fantastic locksmith service, but we do it while making our customers incredibly happy. Also, we have a long list of repeat customers. These customers that came to us from the recommendation of current customers.

There is not another option out there when you need a locksmith. Call Lucky Locksmith today! One call to us will get you to access back into your house and you again on the schedule for your day. We are the locksmith industry’s leaders, and you will never find a better locksmith to suit your needs. Call us whenever you need us, and we are sure to be there in a hurry!