Locked Keys In Car And Home – How To Correctly Get locked Out

“If you have locked keys in the car, then you need 24 hour locked car locksmith near me.” That’s what my husband told me a few years ago when he went to retrieve something from his car after it was locked. I tried to open the door but it was locked from the inside. We tried to use a special key we had made but that only gave us access to the back seat. It was too late because the keys were already inside our car.

locked keys in car

“Mr. Locks is our locked keysmith.” That was my husband’s third words, followed by a look of bewilderment on my face as he looked at me in the parking lot. I tried explaining that we needed to make a call to our car dealer but he said no, we were locked out. I tried explaining that we live in a high-crime neighborhood and that we were locked out of our next house. But again, he said no, we were locked out of our house.

So, I went online to search for an affordable locksmith service but came up empty-handed. With that, I turned to asking neighbors where they might know of any one who could help. Of course, they didn’t know of anyone but a locksmith. Then I remembered my neighbor’s daughter who works at an office nearby. They knew of someone she knew but not much else.

I called her and was told that the office that she works at has two locked closets where clients can keep their cars and be locked away while they work inside. Apparently, she is quite good at unlocking cars with a key but not so great with opening them with a lock. However, she did let us in the closet to get our keys and we were able to quickly unlock the doors, find our cars, and get inside.

As we were leaving, she let us in and told us that she had called our car dealer and asked if we could come back later in the day. It turned out that this was not done properly because there was no security sign in the closet and that there were two sets of keys inside. Luckily, we were able to fix this by simply putting the keys back into the closet and re-keying the door frame. Apparently, it was not done correctly because this locksmith would not allow us to go back.

So, now we are stuck with two locked closets, a locked garage door, and a bent door lock that no longer fits into its slot. The locksmith told us that it would cost between eight hundred and one thousand dollars to repair these damages. We don’t know what to do now that our cars and homes have been broken into. Although we tried to call many locksmiths, we were unable to get a reasonable rate which is why we are stuck with these damages.