Key Duplication: A Locksmith’s Task

Many professional services can put some trust in the person or company you hire. For example, you can trust a chef to cook a delicious meal, or you can trust the police to keep you and your neighborhood safe. Then there are Locksmiths, for key duplication and other lock-related services. You can trust that your locksmith will not use your keys to enter your property without permission.

A Key and a Door Lock
A Key and a Door Lock

Trusting a locksmith is a silly problem that most people have. It’s even a problem that can prevent people from hiring a private locksmith and spending hours trying to change locks themselves instead of seeking help. All they have is this nagging little doubt that while something is highly unlikely to happen, something is possible.

Responsibility for keeping keys

Second, keeping all these keys on the site would place us under significant responsibility. If these keys fall into the wrong hands, it is our responsibility. This is not a risk we want to take. And because there is no practical reason for us to have the keys on hand, there is no benefit in offsetting that risk.

Fast Key Duplication

Third, creating a key is such a quick and easy process that customers often face when we do it. You give us your key, and we will trace your pattern on an empty key. You see the entire process before your eyes, so you can see that we are not making a second copy for ourselves. If we did that, you would surely notice.

Maintain regular customers

After all, our livelihood as locksmiths depends on our clients trusting us. We have no interest in violating that trust because if we did, we would be unemployed. As locksmiths, we want to keep our clients safe in their homes; doing everything else is anathema to us as professionals.

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