Huntleigh, Missouri – Sturgis, Missouri’s Heart

Huntleigh, Missouri is located on the banks of the Sturgis River in the southwest part of St. Louis. The population of the city is about 995. It is home to the Missouri State Capitol and the Sturgis Museum. Huntleigh, Missouri is one of the largest towns in southwestern Missouri and also home to a variety of recreational activities. Find further facts here.


The town of Huntleigh was first incorporated in 1875. There are several historic landmarks that can be found in the area including the Huntleigh Historical Association. There is also the Huntleigh Historic Railroad, which travels along the old Main Street. One of the best places to spend your vacation in Huntleigh, Missouri is the Sturgis Museum. The museum has a large indoor exhibit hall and a beautiful, glass-enclosed lobby. Read about Where to Raise a Family in Kirkwood Missouri here.



The Sturgis Museum is an extremely historic site. The museum has over two thousand artifacts from the town’s past. There are also exhibits that focus on American history. The museum also has a number of artifacts that are currently on display. You will also find a number of exhibits that tell the story of the river and the town that were once situated along it. One of the best things about the Sturgis Museum is that it has a very large playground. This playground is a huge, open-air playground that is free to the public.