How to Properly Avoid Locksmith Scams

Learning how to avoid locksmith scams isn’t easy when you don’t know the right moves. Identifying locksmith scammers beforehand is an advantage. When looking for a trusted locksmith for the home, business, or hotel, in St. Louis, make sure to call Lucky Locksmith. We are proud to offer high quality, efficient commercial and residential locksmith services to customers throughout St. Louis, MO. Here at Lucky Locksmith, we specialize in lock optimization master key systems, providing customized solutions for business owners and property managers.

A Professional Locksmith Fixing a Door Lock
A Professional Locksmith Fixing a Door Lock

When it comes to choosing a locksmith for your home service, it is essential that we also mention that not all companies have a good reputation. The locksmith scam is fast becoming a lucrative industry, making it more difficult to find a locksmith you can count on. To help you out, we’ve provided you with tips on how to spot and avoid locksmith scams.

How to Spot a Scammer

Scammers will generally give themselves away, showing off several of the following traits. A legitimate locksmith may fall into one or two of these categories. However, the more of this a locksmith is guilty, the more likely the person is not a locksmith.

First of all, be sure to ask anyone you are about to do business with for your license. They should have no problem providing you with this information, and if they don’t, you already have a red flag. Other scam behaviors to watch out for include:

  • They do not have a real physical location.
  • Have incomplete-looking websites using only generic photos, with no evidence of reputable locksmith photos available.
  • Have a lot of fake reviews on Google (and other review platforms) that are vague and non-descriptive.
  • Present yourself in plain street clothes without a uniform or with a name tag.
  • Inability to perform work as a locksmith, causing damage to the property they are trying to fix. For example, they can pierce a door when other techniques are intended to be used.
  • Refuse to give estimates or exact costs of the service until the moment of paying.

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