How To Prevent Car Theft

Doing something to prevent car theft isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible to do. Considering the number of potential car thieves today, we have to be very careful of our vehicles. That is why, many locksmith companies, like us here at Lucky Locksmith, are advising clients to make sure that their vehicle’s are protected.

Keys in the Car
Keys in the Car

Lock the doors

It will help you lock the car when you are not occupying it. It can often be the only thing that can determine whether someone will try to get through your car. Often, thieves pull on car door handles until they find one that is open. In this case, your valuables left in your vehicle will most likely be stolen. Sometimes your whole car gets stolen!

Installing a car alarm

If your car becomes an unfortunate victim of a breakdown, having a reliable and strong car alarm is one of the best safety precautions. An anti-theft system, be it a traditional car alarm, steering wheel lock, window alarm, or ignition shutoff system, ultimately makes the thief work harder or may prevent them from targeting your car altogether. After all, no thief wants to risk getting caught!

Closing your windows

It can make sense to open your windows in the car, especially when the weather is hot. However, if you leave the car window an inch open, thieves can pull the window off the track and open it. Broken windows allow hooks and fingers to manipulate your car’s glass or locks. If you need to open a window, make sure it’s less than a half-inch open. If it fits your finger, it is too big.

Don’t turn on your car

Whether you’re preheating your car if you live in a colder climate, or just getting in and out of a supermarket, an unattended vehicle can easily make a thief get into your car and drive away. Thirty states and censuses have passed laws prohibiting, leaving your car unattended to prevent it from being stolen.

Hide your valuables

This should be easy. From laptops to cash, credit cards, expensive jewelry, or other personal valuables, get out every time you get out of your vehicle. However, if you need to store valuables in your car, take precautions to ensure that they are not visible or stored in the trunk before reaching your destination.

Parking in well-lit areas

When you leave the house or work after dark, try to park somewhere under a street or a parking lamp. Make sure you choose a parking lot that is in a well-lit and frequented area. Thieves are generally less likely to try to break into a car with a headlight or potential audience nearby.

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