Facts About Twin Oaks, Missouri

Twin Oaks, Missouri is a beautiful 4th class community in St. Louis County. The former village of Twin Lakes changed its classification from a small village to a town by popular election on November 3, 2020. The population was 332 at the last census. The city was named after the Twin Trees located in the National Forest. A major highway and a bridge are on the southwest corner of the area. The surrounding towns of Oak Lawn and Normandy are very close to this part of town.  Information can be found here.


Twin Oaks was the first city that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch called a “small city”. The City is surrounded by the Mississippi River on one side and the Ohio River on the other. There is an access road to the Northville Subdivision. The main businesses are located at the North Avenue Shopping Center on East North Avenue. The Central West End is located at the corner of Grand Avenue and West Division Street. See here for information about The City of Westwood, Missouri.



Twin Lakes is located along the edge of the Mississippi River in southwestern St. Louis. The City was first incorporated in 1887. It was named after the Twin Trees located on the National Forest of eastern Missouri. The area is surrounded by rural farm fields. It is bordered by a park with a hiking trail. This park is home to the Little League of St. Louis. Twin Oaks, Missouri is an exceptional community for anyone that has a true love of the outdoors.

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