Creve Coeur, Missouri – The Finest Holiday Spot

Creve Coeur, Missouri is a popular destination for vacationers and residents. Located on the Mississippi River near Kansas City, Creve Coeur draws tourists from all over the country and around the world. The city is surrounded by the beautiful Ozark Mountain range which gives the town an entirely different atmosphere than many other Missouri towns. The climate in Creve Coeur, Missouri is very mild and pleasant year round. However, there is one time of the year that is absolutely perfect for vacationers to enjoy the weather and the lovely attractions located within the area. During the spring and summer months, Creve Coeur hosts numerous events such as the famous Blues Festival. This festival is held each year in late April and early May, which include live music, fireworks, rodeo, and carnival rides. Look here for more about  St. Louis, MO.


Creve Coeur, Missouri is also home to several historical landmarks that draw tourists from all over the country and all over the world. The City’s courthouse is housed in an old brick mill built in the late 1800s. Inside the brick structure is an old vault where records are kept. Many historic buildings and monuments have been located in the City since the mid-nineteenth century. Among the most notable monuments are the old Cathedral, the town’s oldest building. The Old Town Square is also an interesting feature. Here visitors can find an outdoor market selling local produce, local crafts, and local clothing. Click here to read about About Crystal Lake, MO.



Many tourists choose to visit Creve Coeur, Missouri during their Stuttgart vacations to visit the state capitol. While in Stuttgart, they will be able to visit the Missouri History Museum. The museum is housed within a former train station and features artifacts such as the Missouri Pacific Railroad’s original equipment and historical memorabilia. Visitors will also be able to visit the House of Jefferson that was once the home of the first Missouri governor. The museum is open daily during daylight hours and is considered to be a must see for every Stuttgart traveler. During the Stuttgart weekend the museum is closed but the grounds are open to the public for an afternoon of fun.

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