Common Car Ignition Switch Problems

The ignition switch is one of the most important electrical components found in a wide variety of road-going automobiles and commercial vehicles.

When you jam the key in the ignition and turn it, an electrical pathway is created to generate a spark and your car starts, voila!

If this does not happen when you turn the key, there may be a problem with your vehicle’s ignition switch.

Let’s a have look at some of the most common car ignition switch problems you can encounter:

Car Does Not Start

Mechanical items wear down with time, and the same is true for keys and key chambers used in your car’s ignition system.

If your automobile does not start when the key is turned, this is one of the most evident indicators of a broken or defective ignition switch.

This may occur as a result of everyday wear and tear over a long period. Every year, you may insert and withdraw the ignition key thousands of times, wearing the key and tumblers slightly every time.

Not to worry, professional car locksmiths will have the fix for you.

The Key Is Stuck!

If the ignition key becomes stuck when turning on or withdrawing the key, it might be due to a worn-out ignition switch.

The key is not correctly connected to the switch. Furthermore, if a switch fails, the engine may continue to operate even after you remove the key.

In this case, you might require a car key replacement.

To verify that the key is appropriately cut and functioning, the key must be rebuilt using the factory key cutting codes, so remember to contact a trained professional or car locksmith St Louis.

Transponder No Longer Working

When you have places to go and people to visit, this terrible key malfunction is the last thing you want.

Usually, this implies that the microchip in the key has either corrupted its programming or is no longer functioning. With this sort of ignition problem, you have two alternatives.

  1. If feasible, reprogram the old key,
  2. or replicate the existing cuts and program a new key (key fob replacement).

Any expert locksmith will be able to assist you with this sort of service.

Accessories Malfunction

Another typical ignition switch issue is difficulty turning on your vehicle’s accessories, such as the dashboard lighting, interior lights, and center console.

Apart from the engine, if a key is positioned and turned, your car’s accessories should turn on as well.

If you inserted the key and twisted it, but your vehicle’s accessories did not come on, it might be an indication that the ignition switch or lock cylinder is faulty. The same is true if your dashboard lights abruptly turn out or flicker while you’re driving.


Recognizing the signs of a broken ignition switch is critical in preventing the problems that it can cause in the future.

If you’re experiencing issues with your ignition switch, the smart thing you can do is call a skilled car locksmith.

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