Car Lock Repair Services

“Mr. Locks, you won’t have to lock your keys in your car anymore!” that’s what a friend said to me after he locked his keys in his car last week. He was locked out of his apartment for the third time this month and now he is considering hiring an emergency locksmith to help him get in his car again. He lives in Manhattan but usually goes to Brooklyn to work.

locked keys in car

He has called me three times this week because he is stuck in a dead-end job and can’t get into his car. He tried explaining to the customer representative at his business that he was locked out of his car because the ignition system was stuck or broken, but she told him to call the company and they would have someone come to his rescue right away. He’s told me he doesn’t have to use an emergency locksmith because he has a back-up key but he will have to call one right away if he wants to get in his car again.

I told him that I would advise him to call a local car locksmith service near me because they would be able to help him out. The representative gave him his invoice and told him to give me that information so that we could compare it with the price listed by his company. He also advised him to purchase an additional warranty for his vehicle as well.

He had told me that he was going to call a local locksmith service, but now that he’s trapped inside his car with the keys under the seat, he doesn’t have a choice. He dialed my number and left a message explaining that he couldn’t get in his car and he was on his way to calling NYC Locksmith services. He said he’ll call again in a few minutes.

The next day he called again. He explained to me that he really needed the new lock put on his car. He was concerned that he would need someone to come to assist him because he was locked out of it. His new lock had been damaged in a lock overload. He told me that he would like to have the locksmith give him a quote for his damages since it was so expensive to replace the lock.

We agreed that I would send him an email in the morning with the details of our conversation so that he could give me a price quote for the damage he had done. He promised to do it as soon as possible. He told me that he was sorry and added that he would make sure not to do it again. He also offered to return my call.