All You Need to Know About Lock Re-Key

Most people just hear about the lock re-key concept but do not really understand what it means. Lock rekeying is simply the process of changing the locking code of your lock and having new keys cut to open the customized lock. Lock rekeying has proved to be as important as car key replacement when one has locked keys in the car. Here a car locksmith helps you access your car and hands you a new set of keys.


Professional locksmiths are today recommending lock rekey in the following circumstances;

1. You have lost keys.

In a situation where you just lost your keys and locked out of the house, lock rekey becomes the best alternative. You do not know if the keys vanished or someone with an ill motive stole them from you. This can really stress you since you are not sure who might come to your house in your absence. Even though you had a spare key in the house, it is best to have the lock altered and new keys produced than to take the risk of using the spare keys.

2. When the door hardware is still in good condition.

Imagine having lost your keys and have to change the locks. The locksmith will have to tamper with the hardware of the door, which wouldn’t be your joy. To avoid all this, locksmiths will recommend rekeying since it’s only the lock that will be altered rather than having to pull the whole lockdown and installing a new one.

3. You require a new set of keys quickly.

You may have decided to give every member of your family a pair of keys to access the house. Here you have two options, producing spare keys or lock rekeying. Most professionals will recommend lock rekey. This is to be sure that only authorized persons now have the new key to your house. Producing spare keys might be cheaper but never a good security measure.

4.Need to migrate to the master key system.

Do you want to have a single key that you can use to access several locks in your home or office? Lock rekey is absolutely the secret. You have all the locks altered to a similar code, and a master key is produced to open all those locks.

5. Moving into a new home.

When moving into a new home, you do not have an idea who were the previous occupants. Moreover, they may still be in possession of the keys to your new home. To clear all these doubts or insecurity you may have, you should call in a locksmith to rekey the locks for you. This will ensure that no other person can open the lock with the old key.

6. Renting out an apartment.

As a landlord, it is your obligation to rekey your locks for the benefit of the tenant. A tenant should not have to stay in fear of intrusion at all. When a new tenant is moving in, you should call a locksmith to rekey the locks and give the tenant an original key to use.

Bottom Line

In short, lock re-key is the best option when you want to have a new set of keys for security purposes. Lock rekey is also cheaper compared to the installation of new locks.

When hiring a locksmith to help with lock re-key, just make sure they offer 24-hour locksmith service as you may require your locks to be rekeyed any time of the day or night if you suspect some security breach at the office or home.

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