How to Remove a Broken Padlock

For simple doors, the locking mechanism of padlocks is the ideal choice. They have been in use since ages in order to secure and provide protection to belongings and places. It has a portable locking mechanism with a hooked shaped metal piece which gets locked into an internal bolt.

But with time, more secure locking mechanisms have come into the picture as these padlocks are not really suitable for high-security applications. The reason behind this is that they can be cut easily with bolt cutters or even be broken with a hammer and they also tend to malfunction soon and get rusted.

We as the most efficient and skilled locksmiths at Lucky Locksmith in St. Louis are here to discuss and impart information as to how to properly deal with and securely remove a broken padlock.

1. Grease the padlock

With time when rust or dirt gets accumulated within the locking mechanism, it becomes difficult to get the key to operate the lock. It is advised to make use of an aerosol lubricant or by spraying a substance so that the key can easily slide and unlock it.

In other cases, a flat headed screwdriver can also be used to open the padlock. The screwdriver should be pushed in as far as possible and then should be struck on the top with a hammer. This should be repeated until the bolt pops out of the padlock.

2. Cut the ends of the padlock

The padlocks used by numerous individuals are not sturdy to endure being cut by the right tools. Cutting the shackle definitely makes the lock unusable and should be done as the last resort. The best manner to remove the broken padlock is to cut the shackle which is the thinnest and the weakest part of the padlock. In case these bolt cutters don’t work wonders then go for power tools like angle grinder or die cutters to get the job done.

3. Drilling the padlock

This means also renders the padlocks to be unusable in the future. When opting for this option it is always a better option to call for an expert locksmith to do the job. The expert can drill the padlock in a special way which still leaves the padlock usable after the drilling is performed. To basically make that possible, the shear line of the lock which is the outer cylinder of the lock, needs to be drilled.

4. Contact the best locksmith in town

If at the end of the day, you need the fastest, easiest and a cost-effective solution for this difficulty, its best to call for a professional licensed locksmith service provider such as the experts at Lucky Locksmith who have the required skill, knowledge, and experience. The prudent part is that we perform the work in such a way that it does not severely damage the padlock leaving it usable for future.

We at Lucky Locksmith promise to assist you in removing the broken padlock securely. Get in touch with us today to get a quote!

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